River Time _ Streamer Snapshot


YOU Might think Chad and I would get plenty of water time together, given our proximity to the water and the enormous tolerance of both our wives.

The truth is we run pretty much opposing schedules at the shop, and spending days on the water together is a rarity, this week’s venture took 3 weeks of organizing, and the previous trip was in August with our Kiwi mate Stu Tripney. This week the excuse was Chad’s guide buddy from Wyoming Micah was in town, plus we had some new flies to test that just couldn’t wait.

But as per normal for a guide’s day off the giddiness of actually getting to fish for a day overtook the well oiled intensity of a regular working trip. We did remember a net this time, but one camera and every decent pair of heavy barb crushing pliers were left at home.

Streamer season is here, with a bunch of hungry females, skinny from their spawning rigors, in the 18” to 22” range smacking streamers in the 4” to 5” range. After this trip we would be loading up on Fatheads, Dungeons, Home Invaders and Zoo Cougars in yellow, or tan.

Micah had the hot rod but blew a bunch of fish on his Western trout sets, I would give him a way harder time but after nailing the first fish off our first bank I proceeded to blow a bunch too. I blame the lack of practice.

The new flies worked, seriously worked though I’ll probably do away with a couple of the more outlandish color combos I was experimenting with. We aren’t letting the secret out yet, they need a serious season of guiding with them and subsequent refinement in the vise. But we are pretty excited, there is nothing we have seen or fished that swims like these.

If you want to part of the fun, give us a call in the shop on 870 435 6166 to book a trip, January is looking very good and we still have plenty of open dates.