REELLY COOL _ Fine Reels Photo Essay

AtH Gallatin 3 #287


MY partner Jim Dugan, god bless his little cotton socks, has a fetish for Bamboo rods and fine collectible reels.

We have mentioned before our collection of grass sticks, you can now shop on our web store but this week I spent some time photographing our selection of Ari t’Hart, Charlton, Hardy, Peerless and other collectible reels. And there are some seriously rare reels here.

Most of it was production work, taking photos of the reels, to show prospective customers what they looked like for the web store, yes all these reels are for sale, and your welcome to look over the pricing on these reels here. Then I took some shots for fun.

You may not be in the market for a Hardy Cascapedia, a never been used Charlton, a Peerless or a Ballan _ but they are as fucn at heck to photograph and look at

Hardy Cascapedia _ it comes with white gloves for handling



This Peerless 7 was probably the most fun to shoot, the Hardy was moody


Bill Ballan


One of 3 boxed Ross San Miguels released to benefit the Susan G. Komen Foundation
An artistic challenge. The Charlton has never been out of the box
Still Life of a Willow Reel


The case holds 3 San Miguels, numbered certified and never fished


Peerless #7


Bill Ballan