Zebra Midge Tying Video

THE Zebra Midge is pretty much a standard where-ever midges are found, just some thread, wire and a hook and bead.

But I’ve said for several years that tying zebra style midges teaches you plenty about thread control, wrap counts , and building even bodies which are equally applicable across all your fly tying. After all there’s nowhere to hide your blemishes on a zebra midge.

Tim Flagler demonstrates his technique on a Zebra Midge, in this Midcurrent.com Video particularly building a tapered body. But there are some other cool things to focus on particularly his technique for untwisting Wapsi’s UTC threads.

We have been talking about this with many of you for several years, how to unspin UTC threads to get a nice flat floss-like effect without the bulk. The UTC threads laid flat give you a great glossy finish and over a remarkable vibrant color range.

We also noted that Tim was using our favorite bobbins _ the Rite-Bobbins, for this style of work.

Hope you enjoy the video.