New Streamer Goodies

WHILE I was up north the boys got to unpacking and play with the new Flymen Sculpin Helmets and Articulated Shanks, both of which can go into some pretty cool streamer patterns

The Sculpin Helmets provide a pretty accurate Sculpin profile, for a meat fest on the White River tailwaters. The Helmets come in 2 sizes and 2 colors.

While not as up front sexy, the Articulated Shanks are way more versatile, being able to be used in a multitude of ways in your streamers. Manage the action in your streamers in various ways, and at various points along your streamer.

There’s a pretty cool video on Midcurrent of a sculpin pattern using both the shanks and the helmets.

When you stop in check out our new streamer materials like Finn Racoon zonkers, Puglisi Streamer Brushes, new Dome Eyes and much more.

Or for the Sculpin Helmets, Articulated Shanks and Fish Skulls on our webstore

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  • That’s what I call an awesome looking sculpin fly! That thing has to be a fine fly to fish with on the water!

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