Six Feet of Musky


Day One with Brad and the boys at Musky Country Outfitters, the team landed 2 fish and everyone had hookups chasers and follows.

Eric Jones continued with the hot hand with the first and biggest fish of the day 37” or so of muskellunge not a mile from the launch.

A cold front came through last night, accompanied by some heavy winds we had to finish the day in yesterday. The guys did really well, considering the adjustment in fly tackle and fly size, and the wind, with a slice of luck there could have been a few more boated. There was only a little blood spilt, though I’m going to be loading up on the ibuprofen this morning.

Even after all the preparations, I don’t think I really believed I’d be throwing a 12wt for most of the day. Coming back to the 10wt BVK late in the afternoon was a blessing, it felt like a 6wt.

Boulder Lodge is awesome, the new owner Michelle laid on some awesome burgers last night and kept us supplied in rejuvenating fluids. Brad’s team are our kind of guys: absolutely on top of their game, kept the team happy and motivated, and heck to land 2 of the fish of 10,000 casts on our first day still blows my mind.

Enjoy the pics:

NB: I fixed the link on the Tumblr Blog; y’all should be able to view it now.

PS: I want that grab again today _ bad. Those takes are just awesome.