The When, the How and Much Much More


Y’all have some pretty good ideas on stuff you would like to see up here on the Journal. And I had some prompting over the last couple of weeks about some of our past articles and how hard they are to find.

Sorry to say but’s search feature has turned to crap, even I’m finding it a hard task to find old articles, and I’m supposed to be an administrator. So over the course of the day, amid a bunch of chirpy fly fishers, I’ve been collating and collecting as many articles as I could find and bringing them all together.

First off you can find them all listed on our Website and then here on the Journal in our Tips And Tricks page. I also rejigged all the dropdown menus but if you think they are as hard to read as I think they are please let me know, these may go the way of the dodo.

On the list are a bunch of hatch specific articles on Streamer Fishing, the recent one on Summer Terrestrials, the updated Caddis Opus and of course the Shad Kill. I’ve been trying to update these with some new images and information, but its a work in progress. Here’s also where you will find the ever popular links to the Davy Knot and the Eugene Bend Knot. And there is plenty more to come.

Also new on the Website is our new social media page, where you can catch up with our Twitter feed and also like the Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher page as well, and connect with us through the web.