BVK Finds A Brown

Lee Reddmann with the icebreaker brown on a dry fly

EVEN through a Facebook message you could tell Lee Reddmann was pretty stoked.

Lee had checked out the TFO BVK 9′ 5wt in the shop the weekend before, and it must have started an itch he needed resolved as he was back in contact within a few days with an order we whipped out asap. Today I got a Facebook message that his first fish on the rod was a 19″ brown on a big dry he tied up.

Sorry for the quality of the photo Steve. First fish I caught on the 9′ 5# TFO BVK. This rod turned over my Gorilla Hopper effortlessly and once I had this nice brown on, the BVK had plenty of backbone to put this fish where I wanted it. The two Recoil stripping guides are a very nice addition to this rod. Can’t beat it, especially for the price!

Really enjoyed the article today, probably the best since the streamer diaries!  I have a couple of suggestions for some topics for the blog, take them or leave them, I won’t be offended”

Lee actually asked for an article on fish photos _ I’d kid him about needing one, but he apologized about the pic above about 20 times _ tip 1 Lee get close, way closer, but yep I’ll put together a fishing photography article sometime soon. It’s a fun topic and a great idea.

The BVK’s seriously are one of the hottest rods in the country right now for an unparallelled combination of price and performance. The BVK SLA reels are equally good, and line up really well with these superlight TFOs. And we have a big shipment on the way, including one you won’t have seen.