Hopper Time Is Here

One feisty brown trout slammed this big terrestrial

NINE MILES of White River, 8.5 hours of floating and low water all the way from Rim to Buffalo City.

Jeff Hearn and I put in at Rim with the idea of testing out some new hopper patterns we have had land from Umpqua and Rainy’s flies, particularly on the low water. Stay tuned for more details on the new patterns.

Yup, most worked, so did our dropper flies, depending on the water we were floating, then we found this brown, which ate one of our big Gorilla Chernobyls _ more an attractor than a true hopper this  big dry will support plenty of weight, like a heavy Micro mayfly #14 and a #18 black and silver Zebra Midge.

And what is better yet, low water scheduled tomorrow till 11am. Looks like we are starting to see a pattern here.

With this on the boat after half a mile, what would you choose as a dropper?
Yup plenty of adult and midge misks
Low water and blue skies