Umpqua Professional Guide Fly Boxes _ Now In Stock


IN MANY ways a fly box is just something to stick those flies in between house and river. But the differences between a good fly box and a bad one is easy to establish when you have a few of the latter.

C&F waterproof fly boxes set the standard for many years, and their new sizes are pretty dang cool and the slit foam was a miracle invention when it hit the market.

Now everyone is trying to do it better, and in many cases cheaper. But having played around with the UPG fly boxes for a while now we reckon they have just about got their waterproof fly boxes spot on.

The new Midge Box simply kicks butt. The orange translucent cover will be easy to find if you ever drop this little gem, but its slimline design is not only cool in vests but easily slid onto a shirt pocket. I really can see myself getting a couple of these for personal fishing and wade guiding _ one for midges and another for sowbugs and scuds plus a few emergers and dries. One side of these boxes holds Umpqua’s cool bi-directional slit foam, with enough height so you won’t crush the hackles on traditionally collared dries _ and you can fit a buttload of midges in here. The other side has 2 slabs of magnets, for thread midges and the like, plus some elonggated slits, for soft hackles, small buggers or more midges.

I also really like the inclusion of ZeRust Corrosion protection tabs in each side of all these boxes. Nope its not going to stop rust if your dopey and leave a wet fly box sitting all closed up in a warm room for a month, but its going to help you out when you are on those multiday trips when keeping stuff dry becomes and issue.


The green Day Tripper is equally cool and target at slightly larger dries and droppers. You can probably pack everything you need for a weekend in summer pon the White River or Norfork Tailwater in this box. You have large magnetic flats to hold the small midges, a section of streamer foam for you buggers, some teeny midge slit foam and on the other side more slit foam to handle your caddis or sulphur dries, and the nymphs to drift below them. Zerust included $36.99.

The UPG series also includes 3 very cool blue translucent boxes for your big flies whether they be saltwater; streamers or bassbugs: the Flats Box; the Streamer Box and the mega Double Wide. And for your serious streamer duties, grab the Umpqua Baby Boat and Ultimate Boat boxes, both of which feature slit foam on one side on the outside so you don’t have to stuff big sodden hunks of fur and feather back among their pristine fellows. Very cool





And with each box right now you get 2 cool stickers _ what else could you ask for.