Gabe Levin Does It Again

Gabe Levin with a solid Bull Shoals brook trout

WE like kidding Gabe Levin that he blows in from the big city and hammers the fish we have been chasing all year.

You might recall Gabe’s monster 32″ brown trout in January, while floating with his older brother and guide Ben, and myself  in January. He had another mid-20’s big brown in 2010, and his record on Dry Run as a kid is pretty scary. Somehow we have to figure out a way to get him on the sticks 😉 instead of a rod for a while.

Anyway landing in my inbox last night was another photo of Gabe, with one of the better brook trout we have seen caught in the last year and a few words on the fishing at Bull Shoals Dam from Ben:

Here are some pics of that brook trout we caught this week…not huge, but nice to see a good sized one up at Bull Shoals Dam. The fishing was silly good! My brother and I caught around 60 fish in an afternoon on sowbugs, midges, and san juans. Lots of fat, healthy bows in the 17″+ range, and a 20″ brown along with some good cutthroats for the slam. We had the place to ourselves pretty much the whole time!

Stay tuned for Ben’s Smallmouth Extravaganza Report Monday