Cicadas on Song

A Magicada periodic cicada at Dry Run yesterday

IT’S A little later than predicted but the 13-year Magicada periodic cicada emergence is on its way.

 They are thick as fleas along Dry Run Creek and while we couldn’t get out on Norfork yesterday the big bugs could be heard singing in the trees all the way down 5 to the confluence.

The periodic cicada hatches have a mystical legendary status among fly fishers, in part due to their seldom seen nature (only hatching every 13 or 17 years

Rainy's Ultimate Cicada

depending upon which brood you see), and their ability to draw every big fish in a river to the surface.

As we posted earlier the reaction of the trout on Dry Run Creek on Sunday to any cicada patterns certainly pointed in this direction, after only a couple of days worth of hatch.

Our first shipment of cicadas, from Rainy’s Flies has just landed and we will be racking them out tonight. And we are working on getting together a few other very cool patterns.

Rainy's Criss-Cross Cicada


We even spotted a few flying around the house in Mountain Home on Sunday.  They should only be getting thicker, particularly if this rain slows and we get some more heat in the days.

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