Pain Free Fly Fishing and Fly Tying

Bill Thorne with a friend from Louisiana

OUR MATE, Trout Unlimited president, Bill Thorne has been featured several times on these pages holding big trout, big rods and like above some nice redfish.

Bill knows the sort of punishment we all dish out to ourselves fly fishing and fly tying. So as the principal and Posture Alignment Specialist with Pain Free Ozarks Bill has all the knowledge to cure those aches and pains. But we’ll let him tell the story …

Neither fly fishing nor fly tying are thought of as strenuous activities. Due to the sedentary nature of tying and the uneven and unstable terrain encountered during wading, both may cause back and neck pain. Both casting and tying are unilateral in nature. This means during casting and tying, one side of the body is working harder than the other. These may cause a host of postural issues, which typically lead to pain and fatigue.

As a devout steamer addict myself I can attest to the wear and tear that casting a six inch streamer on a 300 grain sinking line,

may have on the body. This is the main reason , as a Postural Alignment Specialist, Affiliated with the Egoscue Method®, I have put together a menu of exercises, that are effective pre and post fly tying and fly fishing.

These exercises are designed to help you regain unilateral function (both sides) of the body, through postural alignment. Thirty minutes of exercise, before and after tying or fishing will help prevent and relieve pain and fatigue. There are a couple of stretches that can even be done while wading to greatly relieve fatigue.

If you want to spend more time fishing and tying instead of hurting, stop by and see Bill at Pain Free Ozarks, next to Mountain River Fly Shop in Cotter.