Gabe Levin and one Big Brown

MRFS guide Ben Levin and angler Gabe Levin with one monster brown

SOME days it seems like you are just going to nail a trophy brown trout, no matter hows the odd are stacked against you if you keep battling.

Gabe Levin sucked up the windy, bright conditions and falling water yesterday on a White River drift boat trip yesterday with his elder brother, fellow Mountain River guide Ben  and the Journal and was rewarded with a fish of a lifetime.

The big male ate a black Conrad Sculpin, off a bank above Cotter, and measured 32″ with a 19″ girth and a big bony head. Running those numbers through the various fish weight calculators would rate it between 15 and 18 pounds.

Just an incredible fish and goes to show that this time of year kicks off some tremendous streamer fishing on the higher flows.

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