More Meat – Unpacking the New Streamers

Down the Hatch

WE have had a fun few days unwrapping, labelling and stocking our bins with some new streamers. And after Saturday’s action, where we heard of at least 8 20 to 24″ browns falling to the streamer throwers its just in time.

Most of these come from the vise of streamer master Kelly Galloup but we really can’t help showing off this fly, Mike’s Rainbow Buck Rogers.

It’s been catching everyone’s eye since it sashayed out of the box from Rainy’s Flies. We think its going to be a nice one for stocker feeding browns, with some nice profile and good action.

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Mike William’s Rainbow Buck Rogers


Galloup’s Totally Articulated Fathead: New colors in the shop now, Tan, Black and Olive to complement the White and Yellow patterns. The Yellow version has been our go to fly for over 12 months, its pretty easy to cast, has lots of action but isn’t a particularly deep sinker on lighter 6wt type lines. Its strength is for actively feeding fish in shallow on low light days. But the Black (at left) is definately going to be a strong performer.


Galloup’s Peanut Envy: Smart design from the streamer guru means this fly is going to sink well for its size, and not be too tricky to cast. We have the olive (pictured left) and brown in the shop. Olive is always popular, and the brown should be even hotter.

Galloup’s Dungeon: The Natural and Olive Dungeon’s are two of our best sellers. It has a seductive wobble good looks and a super sculpin profile. But some redfishers from Texas introduced fellow guide Marc Poulos and I to the Crawdad Orange back in January.

The Craw (pictured left) outperformed every other fly we had over 3 days and I’m keen to run it as the weather warms. A must have.

Galloup’s Zoo Cougar: The original hot streamer for the White, you can’t venture out without a least a couple of these. Yellow is by far the most popular but the Tan, Olive White and Black all work very well here.

Its easier to cast than most, and a good fall back when your arm tires.

Lots of action and draws quality fish.

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