A Sticky Subject



If there is one thing every fly tying desk shouldn’t be without  its Zap-A-Gap, the best of the super glues we have found. 

And with Dave Whitlock working with Zap products there are some cool stuff for fly fishers and tyers starting to get some attention. One of my personal favorite is the Brush-On which resides permanently on my desk at home, where it gets a multitude of uses, and has replaced the everyday bottle due to the convenience of the brush.

The Journal often drags out the Zap for sealing off heads and doing extra secure whip finishes, when flies need to be truly durable. Try a drop _ for small tasks like this the bodkin still wins out over the brush _ at the base of your post when tying parachute dries or smear the thread when you are locking down upright deer hair wings. Of course in these parts, brush coating the body of zebra midges, a la superglue buzzers, is also very popular.


 Guide Marc Poulos also turned us onto the Zap Vest Pack, containing 2 small vials of Zap-A-Gap to carry on the river. Handy for a bunch of little repair jobs, from flies leaders and more.

Drop into the shop and check them out, or give us a call on 870 435 6166.