Two New E-Magazines


TWO new E-Magazines popped up on the radar this week to totally distract you from work.

First off, understandably I’m biased here given I’m part of the editorial team, is the new e-version of Flylife magazine.

Issue 1, The Wildside Collection is drawn from recent editions takes you off the beaten path to the islands of Tahiti and the backcountry of New Zealand and Australia. But my favorite article might be Rob Sloane’s journey into the heart of the Tasmanian wilderness. “This is but a small taste of the extraordinary fishing that lies hidden just beyond the keynote waters of our region. It is an exciting glimpse of possibilities. Fly fishing is, after all, a journey, not a technical exercise. We are all inspired by the images and words of those who dare to hit the hard road and walk the hard mile.

We also stumbled across the second issue of Sleeping in The Dirt which includes work from a couple of our favorite people in the industry like noted artist and guide Bob White and another who makes us laugh photographer Brian O’Keefe of Catch Magazine. Some great photography here.