Midges Reap Rewards At Bull Shoals

Marc Poulos and Brenda Dugan


WE received this warm email from Jim Dugan this morning after a trip onto the White with guide Marc Poulos. Jim and Brenda are regulars on the White and around the shop, we will give you a tip Brenda makes a mean brownie as well as catches all the fish. Not that Jim is any slouch you might remember this pic of his a while back.

Here are some pics from our day with Marc P.  Great day, lot of fish, couldn’t break the 19″ barrier,  Lot of 16-18 at the damn (Bull Shoals).

Mostly on midges,  would tell you which ones but Marc would shoot me.  God I love high water.  It would seem that Brenda got the better fish all day, surprise, surprise.



A really nice cutt as well


One thought on “Midges Reap Rewards At Bull Shoals

  1. Congrats to Guide Marc and his clients…planning to bring in more midges for your store on Friday.

    Once again, great job- thanks for sharing.

    TBird and Davy

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