AGFC decision on Norfork C+R


Compromise catch and release plan on North Fork River agreed to by AG&FC

By: Richard Hester,

A compromise plan that would create a two mile long catch-and-release trout area on the North Fork River was approved by the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission today. The adopted plan doubles the current catch and release area below Norfork Dam but leaves it short of the 2.6 mile zone originally proposed. The two-mile zone will begin at the bottom of Long Hole and extend to the Bill Ackerman River Ridge Walking Access.

The compromise plan was adopted by a 4-2 vote. It was first proposed in August by Commissioner Ron Pierce of Mountain Home. Commissioners Ron Duncan and George Dunklin Jr. opposed it today.

Pierce suggested the two-mile zone after disagreements developed between fishermen and businesses in the area over the original proposal. A number of dock owners and business operators expressed concerns that the original 2.6 mile zone proposal could have a severe economic impact on them by reducing fishing opportunities and damaging the fishing industry. The Norfork and Salesville city councils passed resolutions against the 2.6 mile zone and business owners in those communities and Calico Rock signed petitions against it.

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  • Unbelievable, after all the work put in that the likes of Pierce and his cronies have been allowed to overrule what the AGFC biologists recommended and the consensus of public opinion.

    Perhaps the GF will reduce the stockings so those who wish to further destroy whats left of this the river will have little to catch, and then they can bitch again when their customers complain.
    It is not a right for them that fish have to be stocked in the first place.


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