The White River is singing her sirens song with tales of nice fish dribbling into the store, and the possibility of some lower flows dependant on this weekend’s rainfall. Norfork has been shut down for the afternoon the past couple of days.

WHITE RIVER:  THE White River is back on song the past couple of days with good reports up and down the river. Caddis are hatching downstream, and it seems several species all at once, and the bite has improved all up and down the river.

Generation levels slowed some this week as Bull Shoals Lake fell below power pool level. We were hopeful of some periods of low water this weekend to allow some wading and more hot dry fly action on the caddis. But this will depend how much rain falls in our catchment. Beaver and Table Rock Lakes are still a little high and continue to draw down their levels.

Pretty much it seems like normal spring generation so far. While there has been a bunch of generation, the lakes aren’t filling fast like last season _ remember we already had floodgates open by now. All in all it points to a decent year’s fishing ahead, barring torrential rain through the rest of spring, with some normal summer generation patterns and plenty of wading if you know where to move. As always if you are wondering where to hit you can call the shop on 870 435 6166 and we will give you updates.

We are hearing of good forward bookings at lodges and resorts for the summer so make  sure you plan ahead for your summer visits.

We spoke with Marc Poulos last night who fished the top end of the White and reported a bunch of nice rainbows in the 2-3.5lb range released by his fly fishers yesterday. The fish were very fat courtesy of the shad kill feast.  Flies of choice were the usual suspects: Larger midge patterns like Clint’s Black Tungsten Midge, Super Midges and the new 2-Tone Zebra Midges would be worth a swim as well. Marc also said San Juan Worms and Sowbugs did well over the course of the day.

Downstream Kevin Brandtonies and Clint Wilkinson were on the water and did well. Kevin said the hatch was in full swing but his fishermen did best using egg and worm combinations on the high water. We had a couple of Clint’s fly fishers one wanting a Swing Caddis Soft Hackle for his hat he had used to catch the biggest fish the previous day.

NORFORK: Wading has been possible the past two days from mid-to-late morning through the afternoon. A similar schedule is predicted for today.

Try soft hackles, smaller midges like WD40s, Harvester Midges, Rainbow Warriors, plus scud and sowbug patterns.