Fishing Report _ 2-25-09

Someone give this rainbow a Tums
Someone give this rainbow a Tums

Have you ever seen a rainbow look nauseated? Click the pic and check out this greedy little football from the White River this week, have a look at the face. Up and down the White River it been gluttony on a high scale. These fish are fat and round, swollen, coughing up shad. Its the shad kill for the ages.

WHITE RIVER: Red hot at the Dam this week, but they have been seeing plenty of flies and could be starting to lose that reckless abandon from earlier in the week. Time to start spreading out and fishing downstream. Besides if you are fishing in a crowd of boats your chances of landing a pig are way reduced.

The shad have been spotted down past Rim Shoals and that is a huge expanse of water, with fish everywhere keyed in on white flies. Generation is going to be well down today (Thursday) and there is no inkling how long the current flows will continue. Shutting down the flow will bring the shad bit to ascreeching halt.

So get in while you can. Flies, think wiggly and white up to 2 inches long. We have been fishing Barr’s Meat Whistle, Marabou Jigs, Pacific Sinking Shad (a dead ringer imitation) Zonkers, big Buggers, both in heavily weight patterns and those you need to sink with split shot. For topwater flies (which could begood in the lower flows, try Jims Shad Gurgler, Crease Flies and muddler minnows.

NORFORK: Possibly the overlooked shad kill. We haven’t heard since all the action has been on the White. Norfork is close to being shut down.