Mr Wise – Such a Tease

If you follow the blogs of our mate Brian Wise or his equally amusing bud Matt Tucker you may well be aware the dynamic duo have been hinting at a project so audacious, so enterprising, so defining, so (insert own adjective/cliche) that it beggar’s belief.

Well the thick plottens as they say with the boys unveiling the teaser above:

Inquiring minds want to know:

  • Is this the final proof there is no trout in Missouri?
  • Which one is Batman which is Robin?
  • If there are any images of either of you in tights, please don’t show them
  • How does one spend 27 hours driving with Matt?
  • Who got to drive the car stereo?
  • Where’s the fish?
  • Do they not have summer north of the border?
  • Where’s the fish?

Ok so the Journal has some hints at the project. It promises to be a lot of fun, stay tuned.

Oh and we were joking about Missouri not having any fish. Brian sends us pics like this 

One comment

  • Mr. Dally:

    Like a fine woman applying talcum powder to her brass pole in the middle of the stage on a dark night……you simply can’t rush these things.

    –matt tucker

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