Flylife 54 – Warm Your Bones

Sightfishing tips from one of the best.
Sightfishing tips from one of the best - Flylife 54 Click for Larger pic

The Journal is definately a little biased about Flylife magazine being the world’s finest fly fishing mag _ and adds a little variety to your fly fishing reading.
We have just cracked issue 54 and there really are some excellent reads which are very applicable to White River fly fishing and US fly fishing generally.

You have probably read, or heard the Journal, say before sightfishing is a virtual religion in Tasmanian waters. Fish with best practitioners Down Under and you may well think they have a 6th sense. For a lot of fly fishers a good pair of polarised glasses actually comes before buying waders.
Greg French, author, and inveterate bush-basher has probably seen more wilderness waters than you or I have hot dinners. He also has a reputation as a sightfisher up with the very best. So his article on “polaroiding” fish as sightfishing is known down south was one I turned to first. Smart article, easy to understand and a lot of knowledge there if you want to get better at sightfishing.
Then I stumbled across a piece from a buddy, NZ guide Simon Chu, on an “aggressive” nymphing technique worth fishing through our shoals and riffles. Simon fishes this technique “joggly water” up to 4′ deep, sound familiar? His technique uses an indicatorless leader heavy flies and lots of movement. And remember if it works on the tough trout on NZ’s South Island it should be worth a look here.
Lots more good stuff in this issue, skip anything by that Dally character though 😉 He is a worry
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