The Best Knot for Fluoro


Just posted in our Tips Tricks and Ideas section, a new article on the best fly-tippet knot for flourocarbon tippets.

We also give you our big fish leader set up when you need to wring every ounce of strength out of your leader.

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  • Posted for Michael A.


    Thank you for helping me finally find the official name of the tippet knot I have used for years and years. I’ve never known its formal name, never known anyone else who knows it and have used it exclusively for 15 years. I always referred to it as the “special knot.”

    Just returned from a trip your way.. Very sorry we didn’t have time to stop in the shop. We fished non-stop. Yesterday we came over to the lil’ red. Its hot right now and we were able to wade all day. Caught about 75 fish apiece today. They would hit anything you threw at them. Wild.

    Hopefully will see you this fall when I return.


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