The Year So Far

A winter bow

Can you believe half the year has gone already? According to  Chinese calendar 2008 is the Year of the Rat. Well here on the White River basin we are referring to 2008 as the Year of the Drowned Rat. It seems as if we have been living under that ancient Chinese curse of living in teresting times. Thick snowfall started the year then 80 degree temperatures and the terrible tornado which wreaked havoc on our friends and neighbours in Gassville.

Then came the rains which resulted in the opening of the floodgates on Norfork, and the White River and filled the White River flood control lakes.

 Now here we are at the start of July and according to news reports we are just 2″ shy of our “normal” annual rainfall.

Kind of explains why we have been getting so much high water. But while most of us prefer to wade, high water certain doesn’t offer the horrors it used to. I still remember a group of guides sitting around bs-ing earlier in the year and Kev Brandtonies saying “Some guides are going to get really good at this”.

And it certainly is the case if you start looking through our hall of fame photos. It seems like every week one or other of our guides has been connecting their clients to some serious nice fish.

Some have been unstoppable, and even the little blokes have been jumping, running and pulling like trains in the high water. The huge volume of food, including the all-you-can-eat buffet of worms served up by the floodgates opening, have our fish with some serious overeating issues. They are as fat as mud as the saying goes.

Its been a good time to hit the White despite all the predictions of doom and gloom in high water.

And now we are seeing some low water wading opening up on the Norfork.

Definately the place to be this weekend.