Journal in Jonesboro

 The Jonesboro Sun June 30: “A lot of people take fly fishing very seriously and become obsessed with it. I will admit I am obsessed, but I also treat it with the silliness it deserves because it is grown men and women playing around and being kids again. That is what this all about, having fun.”

The Journal was in Jonesboro this weekend and found himself on the otherside of the interview. Chris Graddy did a nice job of interpretating the Journal’s strange accent. We were in Jonesboro as guests of the Northeast Arkansas Fly Fisher’s club, giving a tying class Saturday afternoon and as speaker at the club’s summer banquet on Saturday night. The banquet was held in the president’s box in the ASU stadium, overlooking the field. Great setting and a fun evening.

These guys are a really fun club and if you are in the area look them up. A sense of humor will be required.

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