Ross Reels Go Camo

If your sense of style or sense of humor, runs to camo, Ross has the reel for you.
Ross is releasing on May 15, a limited edition run of CLA reels finished in REALTREE® APG HD.
Each of the reels is engraved with a limited edition number.

From the Ross Dealer Information Kit “Ross has recently completed a licensing agreement with Realtree Outdoors and will be offering a very limited number
of CLA reels that have been anodized and then coated with a photographic quality REALTREE® APG HD
camouflage finish. In past years, these special series have only been offered in one reel size. This year, we are pleased to offer a full series of
REALTREE® APG HD camouflage finish CLA reels on a first-come, first-served basis.”

If you must have one of these reels, or the full set, jump in and order now.

Available Sizes and Quantities
CLA #1.5 (100 Reels) $205
CLA #2 (200 Reels) $215
CLA #3 (50 Reels) $225
CLA #4 (50 Reels) $260
CLA #5 (50 Reels) $280