Shad Kill _ Davy Wotton Report

 A day at BSD is always one with expectations of being able to nail one of the trophy trout that we know are there. Saturday was no exception” Davy Wotton reports on the Shad Kill, one of the classic White River hatches that turns on trophy trout. 
Davy Wotton, Saturday 8th March: A day at BSD is always one with expectations of being able to nail one of the trophy trout that we know are there. Saturday was no exception.
My two fly fishers, part of a group here from Kansas, were just a little concerned about how the days fishing would turn out on account of the high water, not to worry l told them, we will catch fish, no doubt of that. Put my boat in at White hole, ran downstream to the White river lodge to pick the guys up, and then the ride upstream to the dam. I have intended to float that day from the dam back downstream. Not to be. Arrived at the dam around 9.30am.

 Ron had been taking with me about the White river shad kill, we he was now beginning to believe was simply a ploy to draw angler to fish the rivers during the winter period.  Well, there may be some truth to that, but for those of us who live here and guide the rivers, we know that the shad kill is for real when it does happen.

And that is the name of the game as I explained to the guys, you just have to be here when it happens, there is no guarantee of a daily event here. Rigged up with SJWs, for the first drift, which produced 3 Bows. On the way back up for the next drift, low and behold there were the gulls going nuts, Shad I told the guys.Sure enough, there they were, dead and dying and swimming shad littered the surface and as far down as I could see them in the water column, 1000s of them. Re-rigged in a hurry. Now fishing a shad kill is not as simple as some might believe, it is not simply a question of any white fly doing the business, more to the point you had better rig the system up right, by way of depth and how you wish your fly to be presented, surface, mid water or at depth, and you need to figure out were will be the prime taking zone, which can change during that period of time.Cut a long story short here. Ron and Kevin fished as I requested, Bow after Bow came to the boat, fish in the average of 15 to 18 ins, three fish in the 20 to 22 ins.First trophy of the day fell to Kevin. A fat as a pig Cutt, in fact long time since l have seen a Cutt like that at the dam. This fish as round as he was long, that fish l would estimate to be near on 5lbs.

 A hour or so later as JT and I were guide  talking on the downstream drift.  Ron hits a good fish, which for some time we did not see, not doubt he had hold of a trophy Brown, 17mins later we netted the fish,  just below the golf course ramp. That fish l would put in the 10-1/2 to 12lb class.

Same here not a fish of great length but thick at the head and shoulders, not even close to 30ins  Ron and Kevin now know what a WR shad kill is no longer fiction, near on 50 fish for the day, two great trophies. These are the days that make a  fly fishing guide happy, not to mention the fly fishers.

Oh, by the way guys, the flies we used. I did chop and change as the day went on what we used,  DW Prizm marabou jig variations.You simply have to show the fish something new at times and keep adjusting the levels of drift.