Video Of The Week

Well as we continue to play around with some of the new technology on offer, the Journal thought you might like this video of local images from the Journal’s files. The photos were taken by the Journal and my extremely tolerant and beautiful wife, Bec. Enjoy


  • Thanks Clay
    Microsoft MovieMaker, it was a bit fiddly but once I got to understand the pitfalls not all that hard.
    The transition and ease in and ease out features are really neat


  • Nooooo… I was talking to my son this evening and was sending him to the site to see this video and it says it is no longer available!! Will you be getting it back up and running in the future?

  • I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’m gettin kind of tired of the attitudes of SOME of the younger fly fishing guys out there. They act like they invented the sport. What’s with calling other fishermen, they don’t even know, douche bags? What’s up with that? I think maybe those types are the ones screwing up access, all over the world , for the rest of us. Some people think fly fishers are stuck up. These guys make them think we’re all jerks. I also wonder how many of them have real jobs and responsibilities–or are they living on daddy’s money, with plenty of free time on their hands for fly fishing adventures.

    Just my rant. Anyone else?

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