Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 10/30/14

Catchn’ trout on your honeymoon? Yep, that’s how we do things around here. Congratulations Mrs. Hoyt!

Fall colors, beautiful weather, hungry trout……I guess those are three perfect reasons to plan your honeymoon in the Ozarks. Newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Zack Hoyt came to us early this week for a fly fishing trip with Chad Johnson, and were treated to some turning leaves, comfortable temperatures, and abundant rainbows. They were kind enough to share with us these photos highlighting some of the good times they had with Chad. Getting a trip with one of our guides had been difficult the past couple weeks, but November has big holes that need to be filled, so call us up to reserve your spot for a beautiful autumn fly fishing float trip.

Zack Hoyt unhooking a rainbow. Note the fall colors in the background.

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NOTHING STANDS in the way of Dally’s Ozark Fly Fisher’s Annual Streamer Lovefest. Not snow & ice, not terrible hangovers, nor the boss’ monumental case of “Bali Belly” in the leadup to last year.
Start tying and they will come. This year its January 31.

This year’s tying list is promising to be phenomenal with “The Godfather” of Articulation Nation, Kelly Galloup, heading down to join us this year with a truckload of schlappen, wire and deer hair, alongside our own Chad Johnson and Alex Lafkas. Kelly will also be holding a tying class earlier in the day on the 31st, stay tuned for details.

So far we have commitments from Mike Schmidt from Angler’s Choice Flies who stocks many of the finest streamer patterns in our bins, musky guide Chris Willen, our mate from Missouri, fly tyer and filmmaker Brian Wise. Dun Magazine editor Jen Ripple is in proving that big streamers aren’t just some macho boy’s game, northern Missouri guide Jeff Trigg is back and the boss, Rainy’s Flies designer Steve Dally is also in. And we are awaiting confirmation for several new tiers to round out the night’s entertainment.

Alongside the meat being tied up, there will be the meat being cooked. Pork guru Matt Tucker is promising to top last year’s pulled pork spectacular with a whole pig going on his handcrafted smoker. Shawnee/Supreme Boats have also come aboard to help Matt with the food project, which is awesome to have another killer local company onboard.

As well there will be the usual schwag and assistance coming from suppliers Rainy’s Flies, Umpqua Feather Merchants, Montana Fly Company, Sage Fly Rods, Rio Products, Wapsi, Flymen Fishing Co, Clear Cure Goo and more.

We will also be hosting a drawing of a streamer box containing flies tied on the night, plus our regular giveaways.

And there is a bunch more cool stuff on the way.

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New Reels From Waterworks-Lamson


THESE took a little longer than expected to land but we are now stocked up on the awesome value new Waterworks Lamson Liquid and Remix Reels: and those nifty little color sleeves.

The Liquid and Remix continue W_L’s exploration of cast design to bring value into heavily ported large arbor fly reels, that started with the original groundbreaking Konic.

The business end of these reels is price, bang for your buck, and the Liquid comes in at a ridiculous $99.95 for the two trouty models Liquid 1.5 and 2. The 8wt model costs $10 more and the 10wt $129.95.

The Liquid also comes in a 3-pack, one reel and 2 spare spools in a neat carrying case for $150 for the 1.5 and 2 models and $10 more for the 8wt.

The Remix is an interesting mix: a cast spool and a machined frame for greater durability. Its priced from $159 for the trout reels and runs through into a 10wt; with 2 HD saltwater versions.

The color sleeves are garnering plenty of interest. Anodized aluminum sleeves which slip over the existing drag cassette, and brighten the all black reels considerable.

Swing by the shop and check them out or click here to shop online

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Vote For Dally’s In the Fly Shop 500


TAKE A Couple of Minutes out of your Day and help us try and win a year’s worth of Free Advertising on the Gink And Gasoline Blog in The Fly Shop 500 Contest.

You can click the link to Vote Contest. While you are there check out some of the best fly fishing content on the web.

It’s been a great year of fly fishing for us and we hope it has been for you! Now it’s time to show our support for the guys who have been behind us on every cast, every drift and every fish in the net. The good folks at our local fly shop! This year Gink and Gasoline is putting our money where our mouth is. We are giving some serious love to the best fly shop in the country, in the form of a year’s free advertising!

The Fly Shop 500 – Take your shop across the finish line.

This competition is comprised of twenty-seven of the most elite fly shops in the nation, all fighting for The Fly Shop 500 competition crown January 1st.

How to Play:
Click here to vote for your hometown or home-state fly shop
Share our content on our social media pages so your friends can vote too!
Spread the word!

The Winner will Receive:
An entire year of free advertising on Gink and Gasoline
Fly Shop 500 gear
Bragging rights for an entire year

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Norfork Minimum Flow Update from AGFC

As you all are probably aware, the siphon at Norfork has been offline since October 7th.  My apologies for not sending an e-mail sooner.

The current issue with the siphon is with the lakeside water sensor, which helps indicate fullness of the siphon.  It malfunctioned and caused the siphon to shut down.  The approximate time to get the replacement sensor will be 3-4 weeks.  In the mean-time, they are once again using the “speed-no-load” operation to achieve minimum flow.  Several folks have contacted AGFC personnel to express concerns about minimum flow, or a lack there of, over the last week or so.  I contacted the COE this a.m. to check into this situation.  It is my understanding that the Little Rock district COE folks assumed that “speed-no-load” has been operating at a cfs (cubic feet per second) level equivalent to that of minimum flow.  However, after contacting them this morning, they looked a little closer and found that it was actually operating (at times) at a cfs level up to ½ ft lower than minimum flow.  This was because the power house operators were trying to operate as close to 0 MWh (megawatt hours) as possible, and as a result, they were not achieving the minimum flow target of 300 cfs.  To rectify the situation, and get as close to minimum flow as possible, the power house operators will now try to achieve the minimum flow cfs, regardless of the mWh put out by speed-no-load.  In other words, you should not observe any more periods where flow is significantly lower than that of minimum flow.  If you do, please let me know ASAP.

Thank you all for your attention to this matter and for letting us know there was a problem. I’ll let you all know when the siphon has been repaired and is once again operating.  Please let me know if you have any questions.



Christy Graham

Trout Biologist Supervisor

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Fantastic Fall


Alex, Will and Gracie with a heck of a brown on Dry Run Creek


Fantastic report from the Smitherman Family after a trip on Dry Run Creek with Gabe Levin. You really have to read this. Thanks so much for sending this in.



We’re just getting caught up and finding the time to send you an email. Thank you for sending the 4th DeYoung glass to us right away. We have enjoyed using them already.

When I floated the idea to the rest of the family about Arkansas for Fall Break, I had a few enthusiastic responses (Will and Alex), and a couple that were not so sure (Ruth and Gracie).  Needless to say, this was one of the best vacations we’ve ever had!  The fishing had a lot to do with that, but just having some down time in the Ozarks was really nice.  My older son, Will (14), has fished Dry Run Creek several times. It is such a wonderful resource for kids.  It certainly gets them fired up about fishing.


Since my 2 younger kids, Gracie (8) and Alex (11), had not fly fished before, we hired Gabe Levin to guide them on their first day on Dry Run.  I can’t say enough about Gabe.  He had them catching fish before my wife and I could even get the camera ready.  He was very patient with them, not overbearing, and took a relaxed approach, which is just what they needed.  Thanks to Gabe, they all now really enjoy flyfishing, and look forward to getting out and doing it again.  Here are some thoughts from Gracie and Alex, in their own words:



Mr. Steve: Thank you for letting Gabe show me how to flyfish. He was a good teacher, and he was nice.  When I caught a huge fish, he helped me kiss it!  I fished in Dry Run Creek and also got to see the hatchery.  The best part of fishing with Gabe was he helped me catch a really GINORMOUS fish! Gracie Smitherman, 8 .


Mr. Steve: Fishing with Gabe was very fun because he helped us catch very big fish and taught us how to properly flyfish. I had never really done it before, but after I caught a few fish, I felt like a pro.  I hope to have a chance to fish again with Gabe.  He’s a great guide. Alex Smitherman


Steve, thanks again for having Gabe fish with us. We have already decided that we’ll be back next year for Fall Break, and hopefully can stay longer.  I’m going to send you one more email with a few more images that you can use if you want.  I look forward to seeing you guys again soon.

John Smitherman

Alex and John

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Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 10/23/14

Norfork brown caught by Jason Pollack while fishing with Ben Levin. Landen Cummings photo.

I keep wandering over to the meat bins, salivating at the sight of all that gorgeous deer hair, flash, and schlappen we just got in from streamer tying extraordinaire Mike Schmidt. When the temperature starts dropping I want to grab the eight weight and chuck something substantial, but alas, that time is not yet upon us. Now is the time to enjoy the changing of the season – the turning leaves, the brisk mornings, the cackle of eagles watching from shaded bluffs. Now is the time to guzzle autumn brews, restock firewood, and tie more midges. The dogs are still panting and the hoppers and crickets are still clicking in the tall grass. Soon it will be scotch or bourbon by the roaring hearth, and long feathered streamers hanging from the vise, but not yet.

A well marked Norfork cuttie. Steve Dally photo.

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Meaty Goodness On It’s Way

IF YOU happened to be on Facebook last night you might already have caught up with this one but check out the order for us Mike Schmidt just finished up.

As one comment said  what a mess of hair, flash and feather. We have some new colors and some new sizes heading south and after Mike’s visit down South we will be adding a new pattern come December.

Roll on some big water and hungry brown trout

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Dally’s Fly Fishing Report _ 10/16/14

Tasmanian Steve “Stinky” Butler employed all his fish fighting skills to land this pig of a Norfork brown. How may “kilos” is that again Stinky?

When I was invited to hop in a drift boat with two Tasmanians on Monday, I knew I was in for a cultural experience and a lot of laughs. Steve Dally’s old mate Steve “Stinky” Butler came across the pond for a visit and a shot at some North American brown trout, and was rewarded with a couple of good fish from both the White and the Norfork. Fishing with these two blokes not only expanded my vocabulary of silly Australian expressions, it exposed me to a variety of Euro-style leader setups and strange Tasmanian flies like the “Carrot” and the “Shrek,” a souped up woolie which took a nice long brown from the White. Just quietly, I rigged up Stinky’s rod with a filthy American rig consisting of indicator, split shot, and egg fly just to mess with his sense of fly fishing etiquette, but apparently Tasmanians, especially those aptly named Stinky, have no quarrels with fishing dirty. We proceeded to whack rainbows in silly quantities while floating down the Norfork before spotting something large working the edge of a mud-line coming from a small tributary full of fresh runoff from the morning’s deluge. Stinky made one cast at the seam with an egg pattern that was immediately devoured, and seconds later the fatty pictured above was airborne, provoking shouts and obscenities of various cultural origins. Stinky played the fish like a man who’s used to measuring browns in “kilos,” and was soon smiling with fish in hand.

If the facial expression doesn’t give it away, it was a silly good time on the Norfork. Steve Dally photo.

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Southern Culture On The Fly “The White Issue”


Who else would release a pictureless cover for their 3-year anniversary issue but the crew at Southern Culture On The Fly.

A quick scan has revealed Brian Wise’s tying video of Tommy Lynch’s White Belly Mouse, a great article from Allen Gillespie on Federal funding of the TVA tailerwaters to our east and much more. Check it out.

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Kudos For The Freaky Frog


NICE WRAP for our boy Chad Johnson’s Freaky Frog being selected as one of the 20 “Hottest Flies of 2015” by Gink and Gasoline Blog.

There’s a lot of good stuff in the article, Blane Chocklett’s Game Changers; the new Sparkle Minnows from Montana Fly Co and a nice foam bodied Caddis you will see in here next spring.

Try One Here.

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Stealing A Little White River Time

YOU MIGHT think the crew here, the guides, shop rats and shop dogs get plenty of water time, working this close to one of the world’s finest trophy brown trout fishery.

The truth of the matter is between our myriad of schedules, families guide trips and a 7-day a week fly shop to operate make it hard to co-ordinate fishing days. So we snatch moments, in our downtime, afterwork, or a morning, a few hours here and there to fish with buddies, dogs and a sense of humor.

It’s a hard school with little leeway for errant casts, missed takes, wind knots and the myriad of other pitfalls we all face as fly fishers. No quarter given, or asked for and leave the egos behind: pretty much like a trip with your own fishing buds.

So here is a glimpse behind the façade: a couple of hours here and there with hoppers and streamers. And a look at the prospects ahead for streamer fishing through the winter with Gabe, whacking two fish over 25” in about 3 hours of streamer fishing


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